Johaina Khaldieh won Regional prize of limiting the risk of drugs

Lebanese journalist Johaina Khaldieh, from Assafir Newspaper, won the Regional prize of Harm Reduction (limiting the risks of drug use), which provided by the network «Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association- MENHARA», as a recognition for Khaldieh  in raising awareness about drugs.
Khaldieh delivered the prize in the Regional conference held in Beirut in 2009 in the presence of representatives of The World Health Organization (WHO)- Technical officer-Dr. Annette Vester and Regional Officer Dr. Hussein Gezairi, United Nations office on crime and drugs (UNODC), The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/ AIDS (UNAIDS) Director RST MENA Ms. Hind othman. 
And as recognition for her role, Khaldieh participated in the International Conference of the Global Network of Risks Reduction (IHARA), which took place in Liverpool, United Kingdom in April 2010.

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