Beirut Art Fair معرض بيروت للفن- آرت بيروت.. أن نحاط بالفن

"معرض بيروت للفن – آرت بيروت" في "بيال" بين الخامس والثامن من تموز. هنا لقطات سريعة من زيارتي للمعرض.. هنا في المعرض أعمال ساحرة وأخرى نادرة وثالثة تتخطى أثمانها 15 مليون دولار (أندي وارهول).
هنا في المعرض تحف ورسومات ومنحوتات شرقية وأخرى ذات هوية غربية.
هنا في المعرض يمكن أن نجلس لخمس ساعات محاطين بالفن.. من دون أن نمل.

An Introduction From BEIRUT ART FAIR Website
Building on the success of the 2010 & 2011's editions, BEIRUT ART FAIR in Lebanon stands out as a leading platform for the promotion of contemporary art & design of the ME.NA.SA countries (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia).
The participating galleries of the two last editions of the fair allowed collectors, international professionals, and amateurs to discover the artistic wealth of an emerging market, that hasn’t stopped growing over the last three years. Beirut, which is the historic crossing between the East and the West regions, remains a privileged destination for cultural lovers.
For its third installment, BEIRUT ART FAIR (ME.NA.SA.ART) accentuates its position through a rich & innovative program of conferences & workshops, a VIP round through the city, meetings between collectors and galleries, happenings, cultural exhibitions, open spaces, off events, as well as, forty international art galleries carefully selected to offer a complete panorama on the young creation of our ME.NA.SA. regions. 
The BEIRUT ART FAIR team is delighted to welcome you in Lebanon, from the 5 to 8 July 2012, at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL), for its new edition.
The innovations will amaze you...& more!

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